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Buy Discord server members and subscribers to increase the popularity of your server.


  • Real & aged members
  • Never leave & Lifetime guaranteed
  • Captcha solve & react to emoji
  • Email & phone verified members
  • Cheap & best price

$ 9,00$ 199,00

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How to buy members for a Discord server?

Nothing could be easier: You can buy discord members on Social Provider by choosing the quantity, and by filling in the invitation link. It is imperative that the invitation link does not expire within 24 hours and is valid, if in doubt, ask the server administrator for a link that never expires, but a 24 hour link is often sufficient.

Do I need to be a discord server administrator?

No, you just need to have an invitation link (e.g. that is valid for more than 24 hours at the time of the order. If the link expires during the order process, we will not be held responsible if our partner accounts are unable to join your discord.

Does this work with reward invitation links?

Some servers encourage their members to promote the server by giving them a special invitation link that is linked to their nickname, and offer rewards or ranks based on the number of invitations that lead to a new member. Our service works perfectly with this kind of setup, as long as the link is valid and in the requested format.

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