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bulk upload mint nfts opensea -8%

Bulk upload and mint NFTs to OpenSea


Trying to bulk upload thousands of NFTs into OpenSea? Our high qualified experts will help you to bulk upload any amount of your NFTs to OpenSea.

What we do?

HmizUp will massively mint (real minting on Ethereum, no lazy-mint) and upload any amount of your NFTs to OpenSea without paying astronomical fees (all gas fees included).

What’s included in the price?

✅ NFT project consultation

✅ Metadata json files reviewing

✅ Deployment of mint-optimized ERC721 smart contract to Ethereum blockchain

✅ NFTs Hosting (up to 10GB)

✅ Minting all NFTs into your wallet

✅ Uploading NFTs to OpenSea

✅ Displaying your custom traits

✅ Listing all NFTs with a fixed price

Security is our priority! so We never ask about your private keys!

Buy OpenSea Favorites (Likes) and Views


Looking for getting OpenSea Favorites or for OpenSea Views for your NFT assets? is the best marketplace to get favorites and views in speed delivery. We’re one of the most popular services for NFT promotional services. We will help to promote your NFT in the main categories: Most favorites & Most viewed.


✅ Processing time to start your order: Instantly.

✅ Speed after order starts: 1000 favorites/Day. 

Named Favorites (Likes) & Accounts with picture profiles.

Contact our specialist on Telegram @hmizup or by clicking here or online chat