How to Promote NFT: The Ultimate Guide to Success!

How to Promote NFT: The Ultimate Guide to Success!

While some people consider NFTs to be “a fad that will soon pass”, others, more savvy, are very excited and involved in the game. The NFT industry has shaken the world considerably. Thus, it becomes subtle to learn How to Promote NFT.

How to Promote NFT Hmizup

We are living a crucial stage in the development of Art, Culture and the World in general. In addition, it is a great opportunity for many artists to gain exposure and change their lives considerably. It’s only a matter of time before the NFT phenomenon takes off. So, it’s time to learn How to Promote NFT.

The NFT Marketplace welcomes all artists levels: from world-renowned with a million followers on social networks to beginners with no community. Many creators publish their NFT collections or separate artworks every day. Since art has no limits, we think we think that anyone is a great artist and their works are unique. However, sometimes it’s not enough to attract the attention of collectors.

For, it is necessary to promote your NFT Collection.

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We’ve put together a guide on how to promote NFT and chart a course to success in the Art World. Read it carefully and find out how to properly present your NFT collection to the world.

Presumably, there are three main reasons why artists create NFTs: to make money, to keep up with trends, and to get more attention for their art. Whatever the reason, they can’t go anywhere without promotion.

So let’s see why promoting NFT collections is crucial:

  • By promoting your art, you get the attention of more people who are likely to spend their money on it. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, some artists, especially beginners who don’t have a marketing team, just create NFTs and stop there. In this day and age, sales go hand in hand with marketing and PR. So if you want to make money, promotion is key.
  • When you mobilize your efforts and try to do everything possible and impossible to get noticed, you get noticed. Passion and a true desire to become a recognized artist always pays off. Promotion will benefit both your profit and your personal brand.
  • By marketing your NFT project, you will not only attract the attention of collectors, but also other artists to collaborate with in the future.

Since the beginning, we have been monitoring the NFT industry closely. We have added many drops to our calendar and social media channels and discovered many creators and their approaches to promote their art. This has helped us to analyze the different methods of marketing crypto art and select the most effective one among them. Check it out!

Add your drop to the NFT calendar

NFT Calendar is the first calendar on the market where the best NFT drops from various markets are gathered in one place. It’s a great source for NFT collectors who don’t need to rush from one market to another to discover the best releases.

Adding your drop to the NFT calendar takes only a few minutes. Simply fill out the form with the main details of your release:

  • The title of your NFT collection or artwork
  • Details about the creator
  • The description
  • The key visual of your drop
  • Date and time of your drop
  • A marketplace where your NFT drops
  • The link to your drop
  • In short, you give your drop more visibility by adding it to the NFT calendar for free. Sound tempting?

Access to featured drops on the market

This type of promotion is discussed directly with the marketplaces. Based on our observations, some of them have a separate web page with featured drops. KnownOrigin, for example, creates such a page every week with 4-5 featured drops and a countdown to release. MakersPlace also creates a page with the drop description, images or a teaser and a countdown. Nifty Gateway publishes a schedule for the upcoming week on the website and Twitter. If your NFTs reach the featured drops, the markets also promote them on social media. So you kill two birds with one stone!

How to promote nft hmizup

Use your social media channels

Social media marketing is a great way to get your name out there. If it’s an NFT collection of several NFTs, artists post them on all their social media accounts and feature two each. At least two weeks before the release, it is necessary to start preparing your audience for the release. Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Medium are the most popular platforms to showcase your drop. Tell what tools you used to create the pieces, the main idea behind the collection, your failures if any, etc.

Keep in mind that there are people who know nothing about NFT art. Also prepare a set of publications in which you explain what NFT is and why it makes sense to buy digital collectibles.

Create a catchy teaser of your NFT project

The main idea behind teasers is to show what your NFT project is all about but at the same time keep the plot going. Such a mode of advertising usually arouses the interest of potential collectors, makes them stay tuned for more details and not to miss the release date. Post your teaser on social media and also give it to the market to use on their website and social media channels.

Be creative (you’re an artist, of course you will) and make the NFT world wait for your drop with enthusiasm after watching an attractive teaser.

Make Your NFT Collection More Impressive

Boost the ruputation for your NFT project. Buy Likes and Views on a trusty service like HmizUp or Fiverr to enhance it in OpenSea, Mintable or Rarible. The number of Likes and Views of your NFT positively influences people’s psychology. So it makes them feel confident and attracts potential buyers.

hmizup Promote your NFTs OpenSea views & favorites
Promote your NFTs OpenSea views & favorites

How to promote NFT? Ask your friends and colleagues to support your release

The artist community is generally very supportive. If you ask your friends and followers to share your NFT project on social networks, chances are they will agree. By acting together, you’ll generate more buzz around your NFTs and allow them to be seen by more people.

Start a thread on Reddit/Bitcointalk

Platforms like Reddit, Quora and Bitcointalk are very useful when you want to get the word out about your NFT collection. You can start a thread asking, for example, “Which emerging NFT artists do you recommend keeping a Sil on?” Using another account, you can give links to your repository and talk about yourself as if on behalf of someone else.

This may seem a bit dishonest. However, we are not the ones who offered this type of promotion. This is called crowd-marketing and is actively used in advertising.

You can also get involved in other discussions if you really have something to write about. The more your name appears on the different channels, the faster people will remember it.

How to promote nft hmizup

How to Promote NFT? Get access to the newsletter

Most marketplaces, media and other crypto platforms send out newsletters several times a week. You can contact them and ask them to add your NFT version in the next newsletter. This is most likely a paid promotion option, but why is it listed as a free offer?

Twice a week we at NFT Calendar send out newsletters with the best NFT versions in our opinion. Basically, we choose three NFT collections and present them for free in our newsletter. If you first add your drop to our calendar, then send us a message explaining why we should add it to our newsletter, we will certainly consider it.

Promote your drop on themed social media accounts

There are several NFT communities on Instagram and Twitter that offer promotional options for NFT art. If we’re talking about Instagram, they create a post with all the details of the drop, feature it on Instagram Stories and can invite an artist for Instagram Live. To be honest, we don’t know the rates but it’s certainly not free.

Give influencers a word

When it comes to increasing awareness, collaborations with influencers are the first type of marketing we think of. Most influencers have a loyal community who trust them with their recommendations and listen to their opinions. Most likely, an influencer will ask you for a payment in crypto, another currency or a reward in the form of an NFT Artwork.

You can use influencer marketing in case you don’t have any prominent artists among your acquaintances who can promote your NFT for free.

Order a PR article about your NFT repository

It is a good idea to describe an article on your NFT collection and to distribute it on the most popular thematic media. Alternatively, you can offer other formats for media collaborations, such as an interview with you. Usually, this is a paid option. However, you can use Medium and write a blog post with all the details about your fall.

In addition to the most effective ways to promote your NFT Collectibles, we will provide you with additional tips. By putting them into practice, your NFT project can only stand out from hundreds of others.

content writing NFT Cryptocurrency

Create a separate drop page on your website

If you have your own website, create a separate page dedicated to your drop. Add all NFT pieces with descriptions and also tell how, where and when collectors can get them.

How to Promote NFT? Become a collector

Collecting NFT pieces created by other artists is a good way to start making a name for yourself in the NFT world. If you buy someone’s NFT piece, share it on your social networks, tagging the artist, they are likely to share your post on Instagram Stories. This will expand your audience, thus the number of potential collectors.

This is a strategic step and a small contribution to your future NFT release.

Initiate collaboration

Digital artists partner with musicians, fashion brands, celebrities and animation studios to release NFT collections. The first reason they do collaborations is to improve their works with the help of other professionals. The second reason is that they exchange audiences and expand each other’s fan base. It’s not about monetization when we talk about the first collaboration but about recognition.

You can contact other creators and offer them your help. Don’t give up if you don’t get a response. Sooner or later, someone will notice your effort.

How to Promote NFT? Organize a gift

Organizing an NFT gift that is part of an upcoming collection is a popular practice in the NFT community. You can give NFT collectibles or physical pieces of your art. Artists typically organize giveaways according to this scenario: anyone who wants to participate must follow the artist on Instagram/Twitter, tag a friend in the comments, share the post on Instagram Stories or retweet, etc.

It’s an extra buzz around your NFT collection, an opportunity to delight your followers, and also to be discovered by more people.

Join the thematic groups on Discord and Telegram

There are various chats on Telegram and Discord where creators familiarize themselves, communicate and share their cryptographic art. Just don’t spam in the chat, giving links to your NFT every 10 minutes! Participate in the discussions, be polite and try your best to make the group participants remember you and your style.

Start promoting your NFT drop up front

We’ve already mentioned that many NFTs drop every day, so there is a risk of getting lost in the flow. Try to build interest in your NFT collectibles at least 10 days before the release. You can start with a teaser, then reveal the details of the drop little by little.


With our NFT guide to promoting your non-fungible tokens at hand, your NFT drop is bound to succeed. Try out different types of promotions, choose the ones that work best for you and put them into practice. Let as many people as possible hear about your NFT collections and let the results always exceed your expectations!

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