Opensea : How to create and sell your first NFT?

Opensea : How to create and sell an NFT?

As you can see, NFTs are a potential source of profit, as crypto-currencies can be. In fact, you could buy them, speculate on the future rise, earn a lot as well as sometimes invest a little erratically. But after all, not all these NFTs come out of thin air. There are people behind them, and when you see the style of NFTs, you think everyone has a chance. So why can’t you create and sell an NFT? Are you interested? Go to OpenSea.

OpenSea, the NFT platform

Choose OpenSea
There are several platforms to create and sell NFT. But if we are going to explain you how it works, we might as well do it on the one where exchanges are the most numerous and where you have the best chances to succeed. If you have a grudge against OpenSea, you can always go to another platform. The details will be different, but the principle will be quite similar.

The Wallet, the basis of your NFT exchanges
First step to create and sell an NFT: your connection to Opensea which starts with the setting up of a Wallet. Without it, there is no connection or even interest in creating an NFT since the Wallet is the virtual wallet in which the cryptos are stored.

So, when you go to Opensea, you need to click on the wallet symbol in the top right corner. You will be asked to connect to your Wallet, or create one that you will then link to your OpenSea account.

For this example, we have created a wallet on MetaMask. Reputed, free, simple, accessible via a Chrome extension, Metamask goes very well with OpenSea. The creation takes only two minutes, the time to record for you the keywords of your sentence which will allow to find all the data of your Wallet in case of need.

At each connection, you will have to log in and activate the wallet.

You are now ready to go and explore the dense universe of the creative NFT.

Hmizup opensea

The creation of your work protected by the NFT

The Create tab
In Create, you can create your NFT. Do not associate the NFT only with a JPG file, it can also be a GIF, an MP4, or MP3 and others. The only limit is the extension and the weight, 100 MB maximum.

Your online creation, you will import it after having created it in Photoshop, Gimp or any other software. OpenSea is not a graphic creation platform. But on the other hand, you will transform your JPG into a unique work registered on the Ethereum blockchain.

Hmizup create nft opensea

After the creation comes the passage of the annex data. You will have to put the name of your creation, an external link to your website or portfolio, and some information like that.

Once registered, your NFT is ready to be marketed. But you haven’t sold it yet.

Selling an NFT

Preparing for the sale

To sell an NFT, you will have to set the price of your creation. In order to have a minimum return on investment. This is done in the My Collections section accessible in the dot icon next to the wallet icon. You select the new creation, click Sell and then set the selling price (and other options). The price is expressed in ETH (or dollars). When you click on Complete Listing, you have to validate via your Wallet your NFT (through a system of unique tokens at each validation). That’s it, your NFT is ready!

Hmizup screen opensea
At the top right, the Sell button to set up the sale
Hmizup screen opensea
Setting an ETH value for your NFT. It’s as simple as that.

The choice of the blockchain to create and sell an NFT

Then there is a crucial data to know, the choice of its Blockchain. Opensea gives you the choice between Ethereum and fPolygon. The first one is better known. It is powerful, fast, but the necessary fees are important and they will have to be charged on your Metamask wallet. Your fees after the sale will also be conditioned by the price of the ETH currency but also the speed of validation of the transaction.

With the choice of Polygon, you will not have these fees, which are called gas-fee. So you avoid costs even if you don’t have the speed of the Ethereum blockchain.

Be aware that whatever happens, you will pay 2.5% of the sale amount to OpenSea, which acts as a technical intermediary between you and NFT customers.

Your NFT is now available in the huge collection of digital assets in the OpenSea marketplace.

Making a sale of NFT
The buyer will need to have a wallet with money in it. If not, there is always time for him to add funds from a credit card or another account (other wallet, Binance, CoinBase and others).

You are free to accept this proposal or not. Please note. There are service charges, or gas charges, which can quickly rise on the Ethereum network and easily amount to a hundred euros, even for a 10 euros NFT. So be careful with the fees that appear as you go along and that can cost you more money than you’re going to earn.

That’s why we recommend Polygon Blockchain, which doesn’t cost you any service fees.

Hmizup Polygon Matic opensea

Create and sell an NFT, and especially promote it

In absolute terms, creating an NFT is done in a few moments once you have the image. You just have to upload it to Opensea, give it a value, some information to define it and the reference and that’s it.

But you will not become a millionaire this way. Realize that the hype around NFTs is not magic. Not all NFTs sell out in the week they are made available on the site. You need to get the word out about your project outside of OpenSea to give it interest, value, and then close deals.

So the best way to start is using service. HmizUp provides views/favorites on your OpenSea NFT collection to help you standout among the rest of the market. As a newly launched collection, more views/favorites will help you attract more potential buyers and eventually get your first NFT sale!

Sailing the “open sea” becomes much easier after you make your first sale and join the ranks among of the elite artists. We have packages suitable for both budget artists as well as elite artists.

What art for the NFT

The media talk about NFTs as a revolution in the field of art. Yes, the NFT allows to certify the authenticity of a digital work. But before talking about art, we must recognize that the NFT market is mainly a speculation market. There are beautiful works, having required dozens of hours of work from the artist. But there is also generative art, that is to say, an algorithmically created variation of a basic work. And there, one enters no more in art and creation (since it is the work of a computer program and not of artists) but rather in the industrial production. Afterwards, this does not prevent from generating money by its sales.

Hmizup cryptopunk nft opennsea
Example of what sells best in terms of NFT in 2021: crypto Punks. Source: Larva Labs

Create to earn ETH, buy other nascent NFTs, resell them, create new NFTs, invest in more popular NFTs, resell them again 2 or 3 times the purchase price, yes, you can earn millions in $ with cryptos. Or not. Specialize in the NFT market as you would with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and you will get there. And if your goal is only to create to sell them, be yourself, expose your personality, your style, and your uniqueness will help you stand out in this huge market.

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