Sell your first NFT: What is the best strategy?

Sell your first NFT: What is the best strategy?

Creating an NFT is very simple, although it requires imagination and artistic talent. For, you just have to upload your creation on a Marketplace like OpenSea, Rarible or Mintable, give it a title, a description and a value for it to see the world. However, to sell your first NFT it is not an easy task. Because the competition is getting bigger and bigger in the Web 4.0 market.

The good news is that you can easily sell your first NFT, you just need to follow step by step this tutorial! You may have wondered how people sell NFTs? Well, it’s not a mystery.

In the NFT business, technical knowledge is necessary, but not sufficient. So, I’m going to share with you a reliable and efficient strategy that allowed me to sell my first NFT. This method requires a regular work and a small budget:

1. To sell your first NFT, be creative by creating unique NFTs or by getting inspired from reference projects. You can also call on experts on Fiverr to build your own project from $5. (search for “Generic Art” on Fiverr and you’ll understand).

2. If you don’t want to bother with these creation issues, then you can buy NFTs on Mintable or Rarible, and resell them on OpenSea at a higher price and vice versa.

3. Put your project online on OpenSea, Mintable or Rarible (I advise you to use Ethereum Crypto Currency for your transactions for efficiency reasons). The NFT must be published with an attractive title and a relevant description, reflecting the originality of your creation. Be inspired by NFT’s success stories.

sell your first NFT

4. Put your first NFT online at low prices to facilitate its resale. So, you will create a snowball effect that will enhance your future creations.

5. Boost the ruputation for your NFT project. Buy Likes and Views on a trusty service like HmizUp or Fiverr to enhance it in OpenSea, Mintable or Rarible. The number of Likes and Views of your NFT positively influences people’s psychology. So it makes them feel confident and attracts potential buyers.

sell your first NFT

6. Create a hard social core through social networks by buying Likes, Views, Favorites, Followers to increase your audience, as examples:

  • Create a Discord server that talks about your project and target members who are interested in your NFT category or buy real members on Fiveer or HmizUp.
  • Talk about your NFT by inviting yourself on Telegram channels of communities with the same interest or buying real members on Fiveer or HmizUp for your own Telegram channel or group.
  • Make ads of your products on Facebook or Instagram pages with the same interest (avoid publishing them on pages related to NFT/Crypto because they are potential competitors, they might catch your idea). Don’t hesitate to create low-budget advertising campaigns on these platforms, by targeting people with the same affinity.

HmizUp Open Sea NFT

Navigating the “Open Sea” becomes much easier after you’ve made your first sale and joined the ranks of elite artists.

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