Bulk upload and mint NFTs to OpenSea

Trying to bulk upload thousands of NFTs into OpenSea? Our high qualified experts will help you to bulk upload any amount of your NFTs to OpenSea.

What we do?

HmizUp will massively mint (real minting on Ethereum, no lazy-mint) and upload any amount of your NFTs to OpenSea without paying astronomical fees (all gas fees included).

What’s included in the price?

✅ NFT project consultation

✅ Metadata json files reviewing

✅ Deployment of mint-optimized ERC721 smart contract to Ethereum blockchain

✅ NFTs Hosting (up to 10GB)

✅ Minting all NFTs into your wallet

✅ Uploading NFTs to OpenSea

✅ Displaying your custom traits

✅ Listing all NFTs with a fixed price

Security is our priority! so We never ask about your private keys!

$ 2.300,00$ 4.300,00

Sale End Soon...

Which extras can you have?

HmizUp is here to help your project to be created.

You still can do it yourself and enjoy being stuck with APIs, Smartcontracts, bugs and pull your hair out… OR you can give us your NFTs and your Specification to be published as soon as possible. No Ethereum fees, we pay on our side.

  • You don’t pay for gas – neither your users. (Frictionless buy your NFTs)
  • Real minting (no Lazy-Mint) on the Ethereum blockchain
  • You or your customers save up to $50,000 on a 10,000 NFT project in minting gas fees.
Package Bulk Opesea

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3 reviews for Bulk upload and mint NFTs to OpenSea

  1. tuckernft

    INCREDIBLE! Hmizup went over and above to help me and walk me step by step through everything. I have learned an incredible amount through them. Do not waste your time with anyone else. 5 star all around!

  2. ibnoaslam

    I looked at several different services before I came across this one. The others asked for my private keys or wanted to connect to my computer, both of which are a big NO in this space. Some just wanted me to buy their software to upload and weren’t very helpful. Hmizup was a great communicator and laid everything out very clearly. I had so many questions and requests and they took the time to address them all. For this type of service you can’t go the cheap route or else you get what you pay for. Excellent seller and experience.

  3. Camden (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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